The space theory 300px
Title The Space Theory Of The Dreams And Phantasms In A Small Box
Artist Rhucle
Release Date 07/08/2013
Label Not On Label
Catalog None
Artwork Rhucle
Format Cassette Tape / Digital Data
Track List
  1. Train Sound Better On Freshly Ground Rail
  2. Cosmic Chorus Through The Over Head
  3. Diddy's Laughter And Marionette Of Sands
  4. Throng Concerto
  5. The Popsicle
  6. FM Radio Of Empty Space
  7. Hawaii's Guest Room"Chicken's Boiler"
  8. Water Bluse And How To Use A Tampon
  9. Boy's Group Singing With Frogs In The Rain
  10. Eldritch Time
  11. The Night Cataract
  12. Ariel Lives Seashore Which The Evening Wind Blows
  13. Only Before A Personal​.​.​.​At Least